Although there are many excellent identity theft protection services available, not all are the same. This article will highlight some of the most effective options. These services can be in many forms including credit monitoring, financial accounts monitoring, and even prevention of child ID theft. ID Watchdog provides financial and loan fraud alerts, in addition to ID theft protection. Equifax recently had 145.5 million customer records compromised by a data breach.

Experian IdentityWorks, one of these services, offers a free trial. Although you’ll need to sign up with a credit-card, the service is very powerful. The service includes credit monitoring, social media leak detection and notification when a registered sexual offender moves into your neighbourhood. The premium plan includes additional features that increase the plan’s worth. There are however two plans. IDWatchdog is another identity theft protection service that you can visit. This company has existed since 2005. Equifax acquired it in 2017. Equifax recently improved the credit monitoring system of this company, so you might want to sign up premium.

It is possible to track tax records of employees, which provides the best protection against identity theft. Scammers could use this information to steal tax refunds, and then disguise their identities for other crimes. Online fraudsters don’t have a moral compass. Because children are more likely share personal information like Social Security numbers, child identity theft is possible. The best family ID theft protection service can provide you with alerts about identity fraudulent activity for every household member.

Identity insurance can be included in some identity theft protection services. This will pay for the loss of funds that you have stolen. Some identity protection services include credit monitoring of one or more bureaus. Important to note is that not all credit bureaus need to be monitored simultaneously. Fraud may only appear on one. Online security features can be helpful in keeping your information safe.

ReliaShield and ID Watchdog don’t offer the same comprehensive identity protection services. However, they are solid choices if you need a budget-friendly option to identity theft protection. Their excellent reputation for customer service is a plus. They’re also available 24/7. ReliaShield provides excellent protection and also offers children’s insurance for no extra cost. ReliaShield is an affordable family plan.

Identity Guard is another great option. Since 1996, this company has helped 47,000,000 people protect their identities. Over one thousand identity fraud cases have been resolved by them in the last twenty years. The program is also powered by AI, which allows them faster identification of fraud and could reduce identity theft. Identity Guard is a subsidiary company of Aura with 47 million customers. The company offers a 24-hour customer support and a monthly TransUnion credit score.